Etat des lieux des taxes sur les HFC en Europe

4 pays (Danemark, Norvège, Slovénie et Espagne) ont désormais mis en place une taxe sur les HFC tandis que 3 autres examinent actuellement une telle taxe (France, Pologne et Suède).
Based on the information provided in Shecco’s updated "GUIDE: HFC taxes & fiscal incentives for natural refrigerants in Europe", current HFC tax levels in Europe vary from 0.71€/tCO2eq in Slovenia to about 42€/tCO2eq in Norway – more than a 44% since January 1, 2014.

Four countries (Denmark, Norway, Slovenia and Spain) have now implemented an HFC tax and 3 other countries (France, Poland and Sweden) are considering implementation of such a tax.

Six other countries have chosen other types of fiscal incentives to support alternative energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies: Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and United Kingdom.