Europe: la consommation de denrées surgelées en augmentation

Selon une étude de Food for Thought (FFT), la consommation européenne de denrées surgelées a augmenté de 14% entre 2010 (12.663 millions de tonnes) et 2012 (14.456 millions de tonnes)
According to Swiss research firm Food for Thought (FFT), European frozen food consumption in 2012 (14 456 million tonnes) was up 14% from 2010 (12,663 million in 2010), quite a striking figure in a recession.

The highest per capita frozen food consumption was to be found in Ireland (50.8 kg), Sweden (45.3 kg), Germany (43.1 kg), France (38.7 kg), Norway (38 kg) and the United Kingdom (37.5 kg). The highest FFT figures in value by sector were frozen fish (18,717 million €), ice cream (16,569 million €), frozen ready meals (12,555 million €), a total market worth 88 923 million €.

A report only concerning frozen foods by California-based Global Industry Analysts estimates European sales at USD 64,274 billion, a figure that is predicted to grow by almost 15% by 2015, both figures have a 10% error margin. Comments on the estimated growth rates in frozen food consumption tend to emphasize that fresh alternatives might be perceived as costlier or as more likely to lead to waste.

Quick Frozen Foods International, October 2012