Evolution des températures dans les réfrigérateurs domestiques (en anglais)

Un récent article de J. Evans et al rend compte des évolutions enregistrées dans les réfrigérateurs domestiques au Royaume-Uni entre les résultats d'une enquête menée en 1991 et des chiffres obtenus plus récemment.
A recent article by J. Evans et al. from London South Bank University reports on the changes in domestic refrigerators in the UK based on the last detailed survey carried out in 1991 and on a comparison with more recent figures.

The 1991 survey showed an overall mean temperature of 6°C, with 70% of refrigerators operating at average temperatures above 5°C.

The 2014 survey, conducted on 112 households in and around Bristol and using RFID trackers, showed an overall mean temperature of 4.4°C.
The maximum overall mean temperature in a single refrigerator was 10.4°C and the overall minimum mean temperature was -0.6°C.
Overall the refrigerators in the survey spent 38% of the time above 5°C (58% on the top shelf, 32% on the middle shelf and 26% on the bottom shelf).

Temperature control in domestic refrigerators and freezers, J.A. Evans et al.

This paper was presented during the 3rd IIR Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain in London, UK, in June 2014.
It can be downloaded in Fridoc database (free for IIR members within their free download quota):http://www.iifiir.org/clientBookline/service/reference.asp?INSTANCE=exploitation&OUTPUT=PORTAL&DOCID=IFD_REFDOC_0011820&DOCBASE=IFD_REFDOC_EN&SETLANGUAGE=EN
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