Faits marquants de Purdue : performance des frigorigènes de remplacement immédiat du R410A (en anglais)

Selon une communication présentée lors des conférences de Purdue en juillet 2016, deux frigorigènes de remplacement immédiat du R410A auraient présenté des performances très comparables lors d'essais expérimentaux. (en anglais). Cette communication sera disponible très bientôt dans Fridoc.
According to a new communication presented in the IIR co-sponsored Conferences at Purdue last July, two new “drop-in” alternatives to the air conditioning refrigerant R410A are said to have exhibited very similar performance in experimental tests.

The two refrigerants, Chemours DR-5A (R454B) and Honeywell’s L41-2 (R447A), were tested in a 10kW air-to-water heat pump in order to compare their performance as drop-in low GWP alternatives to R410A. Results of these tests were presented in the communication n° 2103 “Evaluation of R-410A refrigerant alternatives in a residential reversible air-to-water heat pump” by P. Pardo, L. Charbonnier and M. Mondot.

Alternative refrigerants with low-GWP were under investigation for residential heat pumps and air-conditioners as R410A has a GWP of 2088. In this paper, two promising alternative refrigerants, DR-5A (R454B) and L41-2 (R447A), both HFC-HFO mixtures with a GWP of 466 and 583 respectively, were tested in a residential reversible air-to-water heat pump. The results show that R410A replacement by L41-2 and DR-5A does not raise any particular problem and the performance obtained is, aside from some few exceptions, almost equivalent (+/-10%) to that with R410A. These experimental results provide better understanding and knowledge about R410A replacement in heat pumps.

Across a range of rating conditions and operating limits, cooling performance was said to be better than that achieved with DR-5A than that with R410A, from +3 to +6% for the cooling capacity and from +10 to +12 % for the EER. With L41-2, greater EER is obtained, from +4 to +14%, but cooling capacities were slightly lower, between -1% to -7%, compared to those with R410A.

In heating mode, DR-5A achieved a COP equivalent to or greater than that with R410A – between -3% and +13%. Heating capacities obtained were said to be mainly lower than those with R410A, from -8% to -3%.

Heating COPs for L41-2 were -4% to +11% compared to R410A but heating capacities ranged from -31% to -2% lower.

Evaluation of R-410A refrigerant alternatives in a residential reversible air-to-water heat pump. Pardo P, Charbonnier L, Mondot M.