Heating and cooling ceilings

The upcoming translation of European Directive 2002/91/EC on improving energy efficiency in buildings into EU national legislation in January 2006 calls for a clear improvement in the energy efficiency of cooling and heating systems. In view of this, Wavin RCS has developed ClimaCool CCW, an innovative, new system. Its modules contain pipes with smaller diameters than traditional core-activated concrete ceilings which are integrated into the concrete ceiling, very close to the surface. Rooms can be heated or cooled within minutes: it has a cooling capacity of 80 W/m² at a mean cooling water temperature of 17.5°C and a room temperature of 26°C, i.e., over double the capacity of traditional core-activated systems. A heated concrete ceiling with a surface temperature of 24°C can be cooled to below 20°C in under 60 minutes.