HFO1123 : une nouvelle alternative au R410A ? (en anglais)

La firme japonaise Asahi Glass a crée son propre frigorigène pour les systèmes de conditionnement d'air, basé sur la nouvelle molécule HFO 1123.
Japanese firm Asahi Glass, in collaboration with state technology researcher NEDO, announced its own refrigerant for use in air conditioning systems, stating that commercial production would begin in 2016.

Based on the new HFO molecule HFO 1123 and carrying the brand name Amolea, it is being promoted as a replacement for R410A and a competitor to R32, with a GWP under 350: a sixth that of R410A and half that of R32.
With little information on HFO1123, it is thought to have a high refrigerating capacity compared to R1234yf and R1234ze.

So far Asahi Glass has not responded to requests for more information, but based on patents lodged by the company the new refrigerant blend might also contain a small amount of hydrocarbon in addition to one or more HFCs. Said to provide equivalent performance to R410A, this would suggest it is not as efficient as R32.

Also indicated is inclusion of an HCFO or CFO to suppress flammability of the blend.