ICCC 2022 : La conférence des experts de la durabilité et la chaîne du froid (en anglais)

With over 50 presentations and over 100 delegates from across the globe, the online conference was a welcomed event in the industry agenda.

The 7th IIR International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain, which was organised by the IOR (UK) and took place online from 11 to 13 April 2022, provided an effective platform for experts all over the world to share their latest findings on topics related to sustainability and the cold chain.


The conference takes place every two years, and this year it featured over 50 presentations, and over 100 delegates from across the globe and covered important topical subjects such as decarbonising the grid, sustainable food and the cold chains, reducing energy use and utilising heat recovery among others.

The event included three detailed workshops on carbon reduction for the food chain, projects on clean and efficient refrigeration solutions for food and healthcare sectors in developing countries and ammonia safety. The conference included three coffee lounges which provided the delegates with the opportunity to discuss themes and ask questions of a series of experts.

The event was held online which allowed participants from all over the world to interact not just with the expert speakers but also between themselves with one to one discussions and small group meetings and Commission meetings taking place over the three days.


Recognizing student researchers


The conference was also used as an opportunity to welcome the work of student researchers. 

A prize for the best paper and presentation was awarded to Abdulquadri Alaka from Massey University (New Zealand) for his research on Testing the Validity of Scale Modelling Theory in order to Develop a Physical Scale Model of a Refrigerated Container.



Conference delegates will be able to revisit any of the recorded presentations thanks to the on-demand library of conference sessions available until the end of 2022. They also have access to all 50 technical papers as part of the proceedings.


For more information, visit iccc2022.org.