ICCC2022 se tiendra sous forme de conférence virtuelle (en anglais)

La 7e conférence internationale de l'IIF sur la durabilité et la chaîne du froid se tiendra du 11 au 13 avril 2022 sous la forme d'un événement virtuel, ce qui permettra à un plus grand nombre de délégués de participer à cette conférence des plus actuelles.

Using online technology, the event will explore cold chain innovation, developments in refrigeration technology and design, and examine what is being done to build a sustainable cold chain to address key UN sustainable development goals, such as, economic growth, infrastructure, responsible production (reducing food waste) climate action and partnerships.


Talking about the conference, Dr Andy Pearson, Chairman of the Planning Committee said “Challenges and opportunities facing sustainability and the cold chain can only be successfully addressed with a worldwide approach - it therefore seemed appropriate to organise an online conference, which will allow delegates from all over the world to take part. We all look forward to finding new ways to tackle the issues we’re facing, and an online conference is an ideal platform to hear about novel and innovative solutions.”


The call for abstracts has been extended to October 24!

Asbtracts should contain quality scientific or technical information and must not have been published previously elsewhere.

Further information on submitting an abstract is available at www.ior.org.uk/events/ICCC2022/iccc-abstracts.


The early bird registration fees start from £157 for full delegates, discounted rates are available for students. This includes access to all live conference sessions, online networking opportunities, the published conference proceedings, and the on-demand library of conference recordings.


To find out more about the conference, visit www.iccc2022.org.