IIR committee meetings

The Management Committee (MC) of the IIR met in Paris on November 29, 2005. On November 28, two other meetings took place: the Publications Sub-Committee (PSC) meeting and the meeting of the representatives of the Science and Technology Council to the Management Committee (STC-MC). The main decisions taken were: - the necessity to reduce costs and then particularly to expand use of electronic tools (Bulletin linked with Fridoc, etc.); - the reduction of uncertainties regarding legal aspects, particularly copyright (requesting of copyright for IIR-co-sponsored conferences); - methods of finalizing the International Dictionary of Refrigeration, the course Refrigeration Fundamentals, a guide on energy savings and a publication of a bibliography of recent papers on CO2; - the preparation of various documents for the IIR's centenary; - the updating of certain Informatory Notes; - the confirmation of the decision to organize the Gustav Lorentzen Conference in 2008 in Denmark; - the publication of the list of research laboratories on the Web site; - to ask all the countries which still have not paid their contribution for justification; - validation of proposed analytical accounting to be implemented as of January 1, 2006.