IIR Conference: Auckland

Innovative Equipment and Systems for Comfort and Food Preservation , an IIR conference, will be held in Auckland, New Zealand, on February 16-18, 2006. Deadlines: June 1, 2005 for abstracts and September 16, 2005 for papers. December 9, 2005: deadline for early bird registration. Theme 1, FoodPreservation (Cold Chain), will include: weak links in the cold chain; i nnovative packaging systems; fault detection diagnostics; track & trace technology; and minimum charge systems. Theme 2, Comfort and Energy, will include: heat pump innovations; phase-change materials; smart buildings; novel methods of capacity control; standards issues; microchannel heat exchangers; minimum charge systems; Common to both themes: engineering systems for safety; HCFC retrofit issues; developments to meet Kyoto obligations; equipment for high-pressure refrigerants; secondary refrigerant solutions; alternative refrigeration technologies. mike@irhace.org.nz, www.iir-irhace2006.org.nz