Importations illégales de HFC en Europe

Honeywell affirme que 10 millions de tonnes de HFC (exprimées en tonnes équivalent CO2) ont été illégalement importées en Europe en 2015.
Honeywell claims that over 10 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent HFCs were illegally imported into the EU in 2015.

Last year was the first year that the European Union’s phased down under the F-gas regulations came into force, allocating registered companies a quota from the total 182.5 million tonnes of F-gas allowed to be placed on the market.
Honeywell maintains that this amount has been exceeded by what it describes as illegal imports.
If true, the illegal amount is equivalent to more than 5% of the total allocation and based on CO2 equivalents would represent, for example, well over 2,500 tonnes of R404A or 7,700 tonnes of R134a.
The concerns are also backed by Chemours.

According to the two leading refrigerant suppliers, the real scale of the trade in illegal material could be far higher and does not include any refrigerant shipments that may have been smuggled into Europe or mis-declared.