India’s largest HVAC project

ETA Engineering is to install the HVAC system in Terminal 3 in Dehli International Airport, at a price of around 100 million USD. Due to be completed in September 2009 and to be handed over in March 2010, the 450 000 m² facility will be cooled by a 70 MW air-conditioning plant, comprising 8 x 9 MW tonne centrifugal chillers, a battery of primary and secondary chilled water pumps, 858 air-handling units, 750 fans for ventilation, smoke extraction, staircase pressurization, 1100 variable frequency drives, 350 000 m² of ductwork and 60 km of piping. The piping work has also been awarded to ETA for an additional 26 million USD. JARN, August 25, 2008