L'approvisionnement en HFC dans l'Union Européenne a diminué de 29% en 2015.

La première année de réduction progressive des HFC montre déjà des résultats.
According to a new report published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) in December 2016, the supply of HFCs within the EU declined by 29% to 183.3 Mt of CO2e in 2015 – the first year of the phase-down mechanism – compared to 2014. However, this figure is nearly 12% up on 2013, suggesting massive pre-phase-down stockpiling in 2014.

In November 2016, the EEA reported that the total amount of compliance-relevant HFC refrigerant placed on the market in 2015 amounted to 168 Mt CO2e, and within the cap amount for the year of 183 Mt CO2e. These latest figures from the EEA include the HFCs contained in pre-charged equipment, which are not included in the phase down figures until 2017.

In terms of CO2e, HFCs account for 85% of total F-gases supplied to the market. Total F-gas supply, which includes PFCs, SF6 and other perfluorinated compounds, was 214.5 Mt CO2e.

R134a and R125 – a component of R404A – continued to be the HFCs supplied in bulk in the largest quantities in 2015, followed by R143a and R32. Comparison with previous figures reveals increasing in the use of R32 and reduction in the use of R404A.

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