L'eau usée des conditionneurs d'air purifiée pour la consommation humaine (en anglais)

En Equateur, Panasonic a développé ACH20, un système de filtres qui rend consommable l'eau issue des condensats des appareils. (en anglais)
In Ecuador, Panasonic has developed ACH20, a filtering system that purifies air conditioner wastewater and makes it fit for human consumption.

ACs condense approximately 7 liters of water every day; potentially potable water that is wasted. In Ecuador, as in many other countries in the world, tap water is not potable as it contains high levels of bacteria. Moreover, due to the high temperatures, a large portion of the population owns an air conditioner.

By installing the ACH20 filtering system in Panasonic ACs, the required amount of water for 1 person over a 3 day-period could be saved.
According to Panasonic, 5000 filters have been installed in 6 months, resulting in 6.3 million liters of pure water being recovered and 450,000 people are now safe from water related diseases.