L’entreposage frigorifique dans la province chinoise du Shandong (en anglais)

Pour l'heure, la province chinoise du Shandong compte 650 entrepôts frigorifiques dont la capacité d'entreposage dépasse les 5,8 millions de tonnes, occupant ainsi la première position dans tout le pays.
At present Shandong province owns 650 refrigerated warehouses, with a cold storage capacity over 5.8 million tons, which ranks first in China.

Their super cold storage capacity has reached over 60,000 tons, making up 75% of the total national capacity. There are about 5,800 refrigerated trucks, representing 0.3% of the transportation trucks in Shandong. The penetration rate of refrigerated showcases and freezers in supermarkets and convenience stores has been exceeded 95%.

According to statistics, the cold chain distribution rates of fruits and vegetables, meat, and aquatic products in Shandong are 24%, 19%, and 40%, respectively. The rate pf agricultural products using cold chain and exported from Shandong has reached 100%.

According to Shandong development and Reform Commission, over 60% of total agricultural product production volume in Shandong has been transported to other provinces and this transport rate has been steady for several years. This makes Shandong the major vegetable supplier to Beijing and Shanghai.

In Shandong, 160 companies are working on cold chain business of agricultural products, and there are over 100 cold chain logistics companies. The development trend of cold chain network construction, standardization, and increase in scale has been reached.

Source JARN, June 2016