L'utilisation des serpentins à micro-canaux se développe

Les échangeurs "tout-aluminium", ou échangeurs à micro-canaux, utilisés depuis plus de 20 ans dans l'industrie, n'ont été utilisés dans l'industrie du froid et du conditionnement d'air que depuis 2008.
For years, copper tubes with aluminum fins have been the typical choice for condensing coils for HVAC&R equipment. However, due to soaring copper prices manufacturers have recently begun looking at adopting aluminum tubes as a way to reduce costs.

All-aluminum heat exchanger coils called microchannel coils have been used in the automotive industry for over 20 years, but the technology – which uses an all-aluminium brazed fin construction – has been applied to the HVAC&R industry only from around 2008.

According to Luvata, a heat transfer coil manufacturer, microchannels coils have the following features: higher efficiency over conventional coils, less required refrigerant charge, easier to recycle since only one type of metal (aluminum) is used, corrode more slowly than two-metal (Cu/Al) coils.

JARN, April 25, 2014