La capacité d’entreposage frigorifique en Chine et en Inde en 2016 (en anglais)

La Chine est un acteur majeur dans le secteur de l'entreposage frigorifique, avec une capacité d'entreposage réfrigéré de 107 millions de mètres cubes. Dans le classement par pays, l'Inde a la plus grande capacité totale d'entreposage réfrigéré au monde.
As the second-largest economy in the world, China was also a major player in the cold storage industry, with refrigerated warehouse capacity of 107 million cubic meters. This was a 21% increase since 2014. Investments in refrigerated warehouses, refrigerated trucks, and highways are underway and planned by several companies.
According to the Journal of Commerce, the Chinese cold-chain logistics industry was expected to grow 25% annually through 2017. Some of the investments are oriented toward the support of handling and distribution of production of fresh produce. Reports indicated that 15 agricultural cold-chain parks are planned in the next five years.

According to the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) database, India has the largest total capacity of refrigerated warehousing in the world when ranked by country. In 2016, India’s reported capacity was 141 million cubic meters, an 8% increase over the 130 million m3 in 2014.
Although refrigeration was expanded, a gap of 14 million m3 (3.28 million metric tons) relative to the need remained, according to “The Times of India”. The necessary investments include pack-houses, reefer vehicles and ripening chambers in different parts of the country to connect the farm production sector with retail outlets.
India presents a unique situation among the countries studied in the IARW 2016 report. While its income per capita was growing, modern retail formats have very low presence in the share of food sales and transportation quality is not as high as in other large emerging markets. Hence the growth in refrigerated warehousing in India is not well explained by the driving forces that are generally predictive of market penetration of the cold chain. There are indications of government support for refrigerated warehousing and related infrastructure but, according to GCCA sources, less activity from private sector compared with other countries around the world.

Source: Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA)