La chaîne du froid pour les médicaments biologiques : données mondiales (en anglais)

Entre 2006 et 2012, les ventes de médicaments biologiques ont doublé pour atteindre 124 milliards de dollars américains.
Between 2006 and 2012, biologics sales doubled to reach USD 124 billion and grew from 14% of over-the-counter pharmaceutical sales to 21%.

Such growth will continue to raise demand for cold-chain infrastructure over the near to medium term. This could potentially cause a supply squeeze for cold chain-related resources, as investments in additional infrastructure may fail to meet industry demand. This scenario would have two significant impacts on companies that utilize cold-supply chains. First, it could raise the short-term costs of product transportation, storage, and distribution as companies along the supply chain react to excess demand. Second, it could virtually block access to certain markets where resources are likely to remain limited (e.g. emerging markets).

Given this potential risk, companies should invest in understanding the capacity limits of their current supply chains and identify locations that can provide secure market access in the case of a cold chain supply squeeze. Such locations will have already made significant investments in the infrastructure and resources needed to move a large amount of product.

Source : Deloitte Consulting