La demande de froid est un moteur de la croissance du transport frigorifique (en anglais)

Le nombre de véhicules frigorifiques routiers pourrait atteindre 15,5 millions d'ici 2025, contre moins de 3 millions en 2013.
According to a new report by clean cold and power technology company, Dearman, changing demographics is having a huge impact on cold transportation.

The number of refrigerated vehicles on the road could feasibly reach 15.5 millions by 2025, up from less than 3 million in 2013.
This number could be as high as 18 million refrigerated vehicles on the road by 2025 – double previous estimates, the report said.

This rapid expansion in cold transportation reflects growth in countries such as India and China.

The report warns that if this growth in demand occurs without new technologies being introduced, the environmental effects could be devastating. “A conventional diesel powered transport refrigeration unit, which keeps a refrigerated lorry cold, can emit up to six times as much NOx and up to 29 times as much particulate matter as a modern diesel HGV engine”, the report stated.

“If the global fleet of transport refrigeration vehicles reaches 15.5 million, then the refrigeration units alone would emit up to 740 million tonnes of CO2 each year. The emissions of particulate matter from the refrigeration units alone would also be equivalent to that emitted by over 450 million Euro 6 diesel trucks”.