La logistique de la chaîne du froid pharmaceutique dans la province chinoise du Fujian (en anglais)

Selon le Ministère du Commerce de la Province du Fujian, les ventes actuelles de médicaments réfrigérés dans la province du Fujian ont dépassé les 8 milliards de RMB (1,2 million de dollars américains), soit 25 % des ventes totales de médicaments.
According to the Department of Commerce of Fujian Province, current sales of refrigerated medicines in Fujian have exceeded RMB 8 billion (USD 1.2 billion), accounting for 25% of overall drug sales, thus increasing the need for pharmaceutical cold chain logistics.

Statistics show that enterprises distributing essential medicines to 10 public medical institutions have 13,000 m3 of cold storage for drugs, 600 m3 of freezing facilities for drugs, 50 refrigerated trucks, and 450 portable incubators.

So far, the development of Fujian Province’s pharmaceutical cold chain logistics is still in the early stages, but information and networking will become a developing trend.

Source JARN, June 2016