La moitié des systèmes frigorifiques des centres de données va bientôt être modernisée en Amérique du Nord (en anglais)

Selon Emerson Network Power, la moitié des systèmes frigorifiques des centres de données en Amérique du Nord sera modernisée avant la fin 2016 pour davantage de fiabilité, d'efficacité et de puissance. (en anglais)
According to Emerson Network Power, half of all data center cooling systems in North America will be upgraded before the end of 2016 in a drive for greater reliability, efficiency and additional capacity.

The survey of IT, facilities and data center managers in the United States and Canada, conducted by Emerson Network Power, reveals that while 40% of data centers have been upgraded in the past five years, nearly 20% are in process and about 31% will be upgraded in the next 12 months.

The move toward using efficient and sustainable technologies is apparent in many upgrade activities. About 39% of respondents said upgrades had to meet state energy codes. About 32% cited the US EPA’a Energy Star label and 23% cited LEED as requirements for upgrades.

The survey found that 62% of the upgrades are in data centers under 929 m2 (10,000ft²) and that 18% are in data centers larger than 4,645 m2 (50,000ft²).

The survey also revealed that 43% are adding variable speed drives to fans and 41% are adding or replacing thermal controls to optimize the performance of variable speed technologies. 40% were also said to be adding economizers to provide “free cooling” when outside temperature allows.