La répartition du marché européen des pompes à chaleur par source d’énergie

L'air continue d'être la principale source d'énergie (plus de 85 %) utilisée sur les marchés européens des pompes à chaleur. Le segment des pompes à chaleur aérothermiques est dominé par les unités air/air (avec une fonctionnalité chauffage) et air/eau utilisées pour le chauffage et la production d'eau chaude.
Air remains the dominant energy source. Technical improvements have made air source heat pumps more suitable even for cold climates and have improved the overall efficiency of this technology. Nearly all air source heat pumps are now reversible, being able to provide heating and cooling. Compared to the sales in 2013, the segment of air/water heat pumps continued to grow (+19.8%), while sales of ground coupled units (-13%), air/air heat pumps and exhaust air units declined (combined -3.7%). The share of sanitary hot water increased again strongly (+38.35%), now representing 14% of the total market.
 Air continues to be the main energy source (more than 85%) used in the European heat pump markets. The aerothermal heat pump segment is dominated by air/air (with heating functionality) and air/water units used for heating and hot water production (sanitary hot water heat pumps | SHW). The use of geothermal and hydrothermal energy has stabilised at around 100 000 units (approx. 11% of the market), air/water units are now comprising 257 994 units for heating purposes and an additional 113 973 sanitary hot water heat pumps. Air/air heat pumps comprise of the rest. The latter segment is the most volatile and thus responsible for both growth and shrinking of the European markets in the years 2009 to 2014.
 Sanitary hot water (SHW) is the heat pump type with the strongest growth. This product category is continuing its run in the renovation segment. The number of units sold in 2014 compared to 2013 increased by 38.35% (compared to +29.7% in 44 2013), this means a double-digit growth for the fourth year in a row and this trend is expected to continue in 2015.

 The European manufacturers of heat pumps and components are world leaders in this technology. Not least because manufacturers are now offering integrated solutions equipped with interfaces, thus providing ever increased efficiency catering to nearly all application fields. Based on the average sales prices of the different systems, the total value of the 2014 market volume exceeds 5.2 billion Euro (incl. value-added tax (VAT)). Based on the different average costs per system, the turnover shares per type split up as follows: Heating-only air/water heat pumps represent 30%, reversible air/air with heating function 29.4% and heating-only ground/water systems 27.1% of total turnover. The rest is comprised of reversible air/water, sanitary hot water heat pumps (both 5.7%) and others (2.1%). Based on the national VAT rates, this indicates total VAT generated by heat pump sales of approx. 0.9 billion Euro.

Source: EHPA