Le camionnage frigorifique sur de longues distances aux Etats Unis

Selon une étude de marché publiée par Ibis World International, les recettes de cette industrie ont baissé au rythme annuel moyen de -0,1% sur la péiode 2007-2012 (en anglais).
According to a market report published by Ibis World international, industry revenue declined at an annual rate of -0.1% to USD 11 billion for the period 2007-2012.

This industry includes 10,587 businesses and employs 72,547 people.

Companies in the industry provide long-distance refrigerated trucking services.
Products moved by this industry range from meat and poultry to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, among other goods requiring a climate-controlled environment. Goods are typically transported from manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers throughout the country.