Le marché africain des conditionneurs d’air en 2015 (en anglais)

Le marché a connu un recul de 8,2 % en 2015 comparé à l'année précédente, avec 2,6 millions d’unités vendues au total.
In recent years, the African air conditioner market has suffered double-digit decline, which was severely impacted by society instability, weak purchasing power, and unfavorable weather condition. The African air conditioner market decreased by 8.2% year on year in 2015 with market scale falling to 2.6 million units.
Ductless split units have moved into the mainstream in recent years and comprise nearly 85% of the market. This is because the price difference with window units is small and split units are more adaptable to various requirements.
Although it is generally thought that Africa has a very hot climate, heat pump systems are used in some regions during winter. Heat pump air conditioners accounted for about 30% of all air conditioners sold in North Africa in 2015. Countries in central Africa mainly apply cooling-only air conditioners.

The African market is dominated by non-inverter air conditioners. However, percentage of inverter air conditioners went up to 60% in South Africa.

Most air conditioners were imported from China, however, the number of products produced locally by assembly plants in Africa has increased.

The two South Korean giants LG and Samsung dominate the local market.

Source : JARN, August 2016