Le marché allemand des technologies de ventilation, conditionnement d’air, refrigeration et pompes à chaleur (en anglais)

En 2012, 6800 refroidisseurs d'eau, 110.000 systèmes biblocs (splits) et 37.400 pompes à chaleur air-eau ont été vendus en Allemagne.
According to a JARN survey, nearly 6,800 water coolers were sold in Germany in 2012. This figure highlights Germany as one of the growth markets in Europe, since it represents an increase of 6% and gives the country a share of 15% in the European market (on which 45,630 coolers were sold altogether).

In 2012, 110,000 split systems (2011: 116,000), 4,600 window air conditioning units (2011: 7,000) and 76,000 portable air conditioning units (2011: 78,000) were sold in Germany. Assuming that, as in 2011, 300 roof air conditioning units were sold as well, the number of air conditioning systems sold in Germany in 2012 was approximately 190,900. This puts Germany’s share of the European market at 2.8% (6.7 million systems).

Data from the Bundesverband Wärmepumpe (BWP), the German National Heat Pump Association, indicates that heat pumps currently account for 9% of the German heat generator market. It is clear that air-to-water heat pumps are becoming more and more efficient. According to the BWP, 60,000 thermal heat pumps were sold in Germany in 2013.

About 37,400 air-to-water heat pumps have currently been sold in Germany (according to the European Heat Pump Association, 214,500 pumps were sold in Europe in 2012, which makes Germany’s share of the European market approximately 17%). 19,400 brine-to-water heat pumps were sold in Germany in 2012, while the figure for water-to-water heat pumps was 2,800. Continuous growth is expected in the next few years, because current heating technology in German residential buildings is out-of-date and needs to be replaced. Back in 2010, there were already over one million gas and oil heating systems in operation that were at least 27 years old, and about half a million of these were fossil fuel heating systems that were over 31 years old.
These statistics give the heat pump industry great market potential.

Source: Sabine Andresen, Chillventa insights, 2014