Le marché de l’entreposage frigorifique aux Etats Unis

Les recettes de cette industrie ont augmenté en moyenne de 2% par an à 4,4 milliards d'euros sur la période 2009-2013.
Following an information received from ReportLinker, over the past five years, refrigerated storage performed relatively well  facing only minimal recessionary declines.

Industry revenue has grown at an average of 2.0% per year to USD 6.0 billion in the five years to 2013. Growth stayed positive in every year except 2009, with peak growth of 4.7% in 2010.

Despite the fall in revenue during the worst of the recession, the industry benefited from relatively consistent demand from downstream industries and slowly increasing consumer spending.

An expansion in total refrigerated storage capacity has also supported revenue growth. Revenue has increased since 2010 and will continue to rise by 3.1% in 2013. This industry includes 634 businesses and employs 33,292 people.