Le marché des crèmes glacées au Kenya

Ce marché devrait enregistrer une croissance soutenue de 7% sur la période 2013-2018
Ice cream is no longer perceived by the newly growing middle class as a luxury item. People from this income group increasingly adopt the habit of purchasing single-portion ice creams on impulse. This is also true at eating joints where ice cream in single portions is chosen as a dessert. It is quite trendy to be seen at popular ice-cream parlours enjoying an impulse ice cream.

Glacier Products Ltd leads with a 29% value share, followed by Nestlé Foods Kenya Ltd with a 21% share.

Growing incomes and the increasing influence from the West are expected to continue driving category sales. Moreover, marketing activities and improvements in distribution will help to sustain a robust growth value of 7% per year in constant terms over the forecast period (2013-218).

Source : Euromonitor international