Le marché des crèmes glacées aux Pays Bas

Les ventes de crèmes glacées au Pays-Bas devraient croitre à un taux actuariel de 2% sur la période 2013-2018.
Ice cream in the Netherlands is set to show a modest 1% increase in retail volume terms and 2% growth in current value sales terms. Most of the predicted value growth will be a result of price increases derived from rising commodity prices.

Ice cream in the Netherlands is highly concentrated, with Unilever Nederland BV holding an anticipated 74% retail value share in 2013, thanks to its flagship impulse ice cream brands, Magnum, Cornetto and Solero and take-home ice cream brands, which include Hertog and Ben & Jerry’s. Unilever will be able to show current value sales growth of 2% in 2013 by means of its strong brand support and releases of new flavours. In addition, the company has introduced smaller portions for one or two in order to answer to the more individual trends and growing number of smaller households in the Netherlands. Mini versions of Magnum are expected to continue to show good results in 2013. In addition, Unilever’s ice cream products are supported heavily to influence consumers’ perceptions and behaviour.

Ice cream is set to show positive growth over the forecast period as it is still underdeveloped in the Netherlands. Both Unilever and private label manufacturers are very committed to develop ice cream further.

Volume sales of ice cream are expected to increase at a CAGR of 2% over the forecast period 2013-2018 and value sales at a 1% CAGR, in constant value terms. Besides new product launches, weather is a very important factor as ice cream is a highly seasonal product. However, with specific new product launches, Dutch consumers are starting to see ice cream as a snack, making it less seasonal.

Source : Euromonitor international