Le marché des équipements frigorifiques commerciaux en Europe (en anglais)

Le marché européen des équipements de froid commercial a été évalué à 5800 millions d'euros en 2012. ll devrait progresser à un taux de croissance annuel moyen de 4,2% de 2013 à 2019 et atteindre 5 millions d'unités en 2019.
According to a new market research report published by Transparency Market Research, the market for commercial refrigeration equipment in Europe is forecast to reach USD 11,597.2 million by 2019.

The market growth is driven by emergence of supermarkets, rise in international food trade, and sea and processed food exports. Food service and food and beverage retail are emerging as fast growing applications for commercial refrigeration equipment in Europe.

Europe commercial refrigeration equipment market was valued at USD 7,745.0 million in 2012. The market revenue is expected to see volume grow at a CAGR of 4.2% from 2013 to 2019 reaching 5.0 million units by 2019.
Among the various refrigeration products, transport refrigeration and 'refrigerators and freezers' are growing rapidly, and collectively accounted for 36.2% of market revenue share in 2012.
Commercial refrigeration equipments are widely used for applications such as food service, food & beverage Retail, and food & beverage production, among others. Food service and food and beverage retail are emerging as promising applications for commercial refrigeration industry. These two segments together accounted for 52.2% of market revenue share in 2012. Demand for transportation refrigeration equipment is supported by the need to transport temperature sensitive products such as food, pharmaceuticals beverages, and chemicals, among others.

By volume, food and beverage retail is expected to see highest demand. It accounted for almost one third of commercial refrigeration equipment market volume in 2012.

Geographically, Germany is expected to remain largest market for commercial refrigeration due to the fast growing retail chains in the country. Italy is the next largest market closely followed by France.

Europe commercial refrigeration equipment market is concentrated with large numbers of multinational and domestic players.
Renowned players such as FrigoGlass and Carrier are the market leaders, and they collectively accounted for 25.7% of the market in 2012. These players have well-developed resources and network to meet industry demand and to retain pace with the changing technology. Moreover, with expansion of distribution channel, consumers of commercial refrigeration equipments are able to compare multiple products, thus driving the competition among manufacturers. Other vendors in the market are York (Johnson Controls), Metalfrio Solutions, Inc., Interlevin Refrigeration Ltd, Epta S.p.a., Hubbard Products Ltd., Ingersoll Rand Plc, Dover Corporation (Hill Pheonix), and Illinois Tool Works Inc. among others.