Le marché des hydrocarbures en Asie-Pacifique (en anglais)

Selon une étude de MicroMarket Monitor, le marché des hydrocarbures en Asie-Pacifique devrait atteindre 128,5 millions de dollars américains en 2018
The hydrocarbon market in the Asia Pacific will reach USD 128.5 million in 2018, according to a new market report by MicroMarket Monitor.

Hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants are used in refrigerators and air conditioners with gases such as R170 (ethane), R290 (propane) and R600a (isobutene) being successfully used for cooling industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

The Asia Pacific is the largest consumer of hydrocarbon refrigerants in the world.
“In the Asia Pacific region, there is huge consumption potential, growing production capacities, competitive manufacturing costs and high economic growth rate, which are favourable forces for future growth of the refrigerants market”, the report said.
“The key countries of the Asia Pacific hydrocarbon refrigerants market include China, Japan and India. Together they account for 80% of the total hydrocarbon refrigerants market in the region in 2012.
“China is the leading market for hydrocarbon refrigerants in this region, having acquired a share of 61.7% of total Asia Pacific market in 2012. The highly populated countries in the region are leading to the rise in demand as the consumption is increasing significantly every year”.

In the Asia Pacific market, the major applications of hydrocarbon refrigerants include refrigeration (domestic refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, transportation refrigeration, and industrial refrigeration) and air conditioning (stationary air conditioners, chiller and hydronic heat pumps, and mobile air conditioners).

Source : ClimateControlNews.com