Le marché des pompes à chaleur en Allemagne

Le marché allemand des pompes à chaleur s'est stabilisé à un niveau de 60.000 unités installées, principalement dans le secteur résidentiel. (en anglais)
Air-/water-source systems accounted for nearly two-thirds of sales with the remaining one-third (21,000 units) accounting for ground-source installations. These figures show ground source systems are steadily losing market share.

This is due mainly to higher first cost as well as delays and uncertainties faced in securing necessary planning permission from the local authorities.

An additional 12,000 heat pump packages were bought for domestic hot water supply, the only sector to experience an appreciable 13% growth in 2013. Often these systems are combined with photovoltaic panels.

Against this backdrop, the German heat pump industry faced the added problem of increasing electricity prices in 2013.

Source: JARN, May 2014