Le marché des pompes à chaleur en Chine

Comparée à 2013, la valeur marchande du volume de la production a connu une hausse de 26,2 %, dépassant les 7,3 milliards de yuans - soit l'équivalent de plus d'un milliard d'euros. Environ 90 % de ce volume s'écoule sur le marché intérieur.
 Similarly to the trend in Europe, sales of sanitary hot water heat pumps in China are on a steep rise. Compared to 2013, the market value of the production volume increased by 26.2%, reaching over 7.3 billion yuans (over 1 billion euros).
 About 90% of that volume is being sold on the domestic market. A fast growth of air source heat pumps is expected in the following 5 years in China.

 There is a row of drivers that support this expectation:
- Switch from coal to clean(er) energy: In the North of China, district heating is mandatory. The problem of air pollution is being tackled which leads to a shift from coal to cleaner energy sources such as gas and electricity.
 - Trend for floor heating: In the region of the Yangtze river the market for residential space heating is booming, and floor heating solutions are often favoured.
- Climate: The majority of the Chinese regions is well suited for air source heat pumps, especially in the economical centres.

 Overall, the market for air source heat pumps has a huge potential to grow in the next years. Given a development similar to the segment of sanitary hot water systems, the expected number of sales is around 2.4 million units per year.

Source: EHPA