Le marché des pompes à chaleur en Italie

En 2014, le marché des pompes à chaleur air-air réversibles a connu un déclin brutal (- 16 %).

In 2014, the market for reversible air/air heat pumps experienced a sharp decrease (-16%). Specifically, single-split units with a capacity <7 kW were sold less (-17%). Besides the economic situation it was the weather that led to hard market conditions – the summer 2014 was particularly cold and rainy.
 Positive values (3%), on the other hand, could be observed for the single-split air conditioners with a capacity >7 kW. This development reflects the economic performance of the small commercial sector (shops and small offices) in Italy. Multi-split systems showed a hefty decline of -19%.

The market for mini VRF (<16 kW) – a type mainly used among small businesses - declined by 4%. The sales for the bigger (>16 kW) VRF systems – a growth segment until two years ago – decreased by 2%, suffering from the economic stagnation of the construction industry for commercial use.
Marks a good increase in the segment groups chillers (+9%) for air-cooled units and (20%) for water cooled. Chillers up to 100 kW performed particularly well, especially air cooled systems, which are used primarily for residential and / or small business where heat pumps find increasing recognition.
Aermec, Alfa Laval, Blue Box Group, Carrier Distribution Italy, Climaveneta, Clivet, Daikin Air Conditioning Italy, Ebm-Papst, Emerson Climate Technologies, Ferroli, Galletti, Haier A/C (Italy) Trading, Hidros, Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe – Branch Italy, Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Rhoss, Riello, Robur, Sabiana, Sanyo Argo Clima, Sic, Siemens Building Technologies, Tecnoclima, Termal Hot Wave, Tonon Forty, Viessmann, Vortice Elettrosociali are the major brand names in Italy.

Source: EHPA