Le marché des pompes à chaleur en Slovaquie

Les prix moyens de vente, TVA comprise, pour une installation clés-en-mains dans des maisons individuelles oscillent entre 6000 et 15000 euros en fonction du type et de la capacité de la pompe à chaleur installée.
The market shows a peak in the year 2010 and a decline in the year 2011, caused by higher demand for heat pumps in the year 2010, which were installed later in the year 2011.

Taking into account later installations, the overall trend that can be observed is that sales of heat pumps are continuing to grow, but after the year 2010 the growth was slower. It was caused by the economic situation. People were more careful with higher investments, avoiding financial risks. It is reasonable to forecast a growing share mainly of air/water heat pumps, followed by brine-water and water-water systems in the new construction sector, based on favorable climatic conditions in many locations in Slovakia. In the year 2012, the number of installed heat pumps started to grow again, and this trend continued in the years 2013 and 2014.
Average end consumer prices, including VAT, for a turnkey installation in single family houses are in the range of euros 6 000 to euros 15 000 depending on the type and capacity of the heat pump. The turnkey solutions include everything to fully commission the installation – i.e. the heat pump, auxiliary equipment, material and labor costs.

The major brand names in Slovakia are:
Domestic producers of heat pumps: Fiving s.r.o. Liptovský Mikuláš, Wamak s.r.o. Banská Štiavnica, Tatramat a.s. Poprad, Al Trade s.r.o. Trstená, Jares Zlaté Moravce Some of the most significant brand names existing on the Slovak market are listed in alphabetical order below. Ground source heat pumps: IVT, Mygren, NIBE, Stiebel Eltron, Wamak, Viessmann Water/water heat pumps: Dimplex, IVT, Mach, Mygren, Stiebel Eltron, Viessmann, Wamak Air/water heat pumps: Carrier, Daikin, Dimplex, Fiving, IVT, LG, Mach, Mitsubishi, Mygren, NIBE, Panasonic, PZP, Samsung, Toschiba, Viessmann, Wamak Exhaust air heat pumps: Fiving, Tatramat, Viessmann.

Source: EHPA