Le marché des produits alimentaires transformés réfrigérés aux Philippines

Les ventes de produits transformés ont progressé de 4% en volume et de 6% en valeur.
Chilled processed food sales grew by 4% in retail volume terms in 2012, while current value sales increased by 6%. This performance was driven by the faster-paced lifestyles of consumers, which stimulated the demand for  easy to prepare and highly available food.

Products like hot dogs, bacon and sweet ham have long established their popularity as easy-to-cook products and have gained a strong following among busy mothers.
On the manufacturers’ side, chilled processed food welcomed the entry of new players, especially in hot dogs.

Chilled processed food is projected to grow by a 3% CAGR in both retail volume and constant value terms to reach Euros 324, 4 million in 2017.

Source : Euromonitor international