Le marché des produits surgelés en Inde en 2015 (en anglais)

L'industrie alimentaire indienne progresse à un rythme annuel de 5,1% et devrait atteindre 300 milliards de dollars américains en 2015.
Despite suffering from various challenges such as inadequate infrastructure, unreliable power supplies and a lack in trained manpower, the Indian food industry is growing at a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% and is expected to reach USD 300 billion by 2015. The food processing industry amounts to approximately 43% of the total food industry and the share is expected to grow to 50% by 2015.

The sector is undergoing various changes in terms of manufacturer capability and consumer perception. While earlier, frozen vegetables used to be the most popular produce on sale, now foodstuffs such as sausages, kebabs, pork and seafood are gaining popularity in the Indian market.

The domestic per capita frozen food consumption in India is still very low and, with the acceptance that frozen food fast increasing, the sector has a lot of growth potential.

Since the category is still nascent in India, it is essential to create awareness through in-store promotions and advertisements. Cross category promotions and wet sampling in stores have been found to be the most effective methods of promotion for launching new products as well as boosting sale of existing products.

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