Le marché des services liés aux bâtiments écologiques (en anglais)

Selon une enquête récente, les bâtiments écologiques représentaient 38% de l'activité du bâtiment en 2012.
A recent McGraw-Hill Construction report estimated that among its survey respondents—which included architects, consultants, contractors, engineers and property owners from 62 countries—green building accounted for an average of 38 percent of building activity in 2012, with 94 percent of firms reporting that they are engaged in some amount of green activity.

This suggests an increase over 2009, when 67 percent of respondents claimed some involvement in green building. Among those countries for which the 2012 report provided specific results, green building accounted for, on average, more than half of all project activity in Singapore (66 percent), the United Kingdom (52 percent) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE, 51 percent). The significant and growing global interest in green building services is also proven by the large number of countries with green building councils.

Green building services also account for a large and growing share of the U.S. construction and design market, reportedly representing 48 percent of the value of total U.S. project activity in 2012. IBISWorld estimates that revenues in the U.S. green construction industry rose at an average annual rate of almost 27 percent to USD 87.1 billion between 2006 and 2011. More recent data published by Engineering News-Record indicates that revenues earned by the leading 100 U.S. green contracting firms reached USD 50.0 billion following an 11.9 percent increase during 2012–13, while those of the leading 100 U.S. green designers reached USD 4.7 billion following 13.3 percent growth.

Source: Journal of International Commerce & Economics, October 2015