Le marché du conditionnement d'air en 2013 en France, Allemagne, Italie et Espagne

BSRIA a récemment publié les chiffres du marché du conditionnement d'air en France, Allemagne, Italie et Espagne pour 2013. Parmi ces pays, l'Italie a le marché le plus important avec 1.353.632 unités représentant 983,3 millions d'euros.
BSRIA recently published figures concerning the air-conditioning markets in France, Germany, Spain and Italy in 2013.

Among them, the Italian market appears as the largest, with 1,353,632 units and an overall value of USD 1,356.5 million, followed by Spain (617, 297 units, worth USD 756.9 million); France (554,202 units, USD 932.6 million) and Germany (319,684 units, USD 1,176.2 million).

Standards Split systems are the most used (at 72% in Spain, 64% in Italy, 52% in France and 27% in Germany).
Italy, France and Germany also show a preference for fan-coil units (respectively 25%; 23%; 24%) while Spain opts for ducted standard splits (11%) over fan coils (8%).

Portables are also favored in the two most “northern” countries among those concerned, i.e. Germany (24%) and France (13%).