Le marché du conditionnement d’air en 2013 par type d’équipements

Overview of moveables, windows / through the wall, split, the single packaged, rooftop, chillers, airside.
•    Moveables
Total sales of moveables for 2013 are estimated at 1.8 million units at a value of USD 508.9 million. This is an increase of 21% in volume compared to a  27% decrease in 2012.  The main growth came from the biggest market of moveables, the USA, which was boosted by 42% by volume in 2013.

•    Windows / through the wall
In 2013, the windows / through the wall market continued to lose its share hitting a sales low just below 13 million units and almost USD 2.8 billion by value. This represents a decrease in volume of 9%.

The total Americas region continues to have the largest share of sales with 70% by volume and 56% by value. (Windows and through the wall units combined). The Middle East, India and Africa region follows closely with over 30% by value of the total world market. Saudi Arabia and India are the biggest markets in this region.

•    Splits
Total sales of splits increased by 8% in 2013, reaching just over 99 million units. The global economic recovery was behind the healthy growth after a 3% drop in 2012. Growth was seen in all types of splits; Japanese and US ducted, multi splits and VRFs. 

In Europe sales of all splits increased by 2.5% by volume in 2013 over 2012. The main legislations; ErP directive and the revised F gas regulations were the most influential legislations in the splits market.

Asia Pacific holds the greater share of splits sales representing 69% by volume and 66% by value. Total volume increased by around 8% and value by 9% in 2013. The main markets showing strongest growth were Vietnam, Indonesia and China.
The market in China represents by far the largest in the region with 60% by value.  The market picked up in 2013  showing an increase of 9% after a 5% decline by volume in 2012.  The Chinese government is increasingly promoting energy efficiency in products by releasing subsidy programs.

•    The single packaged
The market was estimated at almost 1.8 million units and was valued at nearly USD 4.6 billion.
Rooftop units are defined herein as light commercial applications, primarily above 5 tons (approximately 20KW). In the North American market, there are similar packaged residential units, which could be installed on the roof and for this reason be confusingly defined as rooftops, are not included in the market sizes. These are recorded in BSRIA’s in-depth air conditioning study for USA as a separate market.
Total world sales of roof tops amounted to 1.2 million units with a corresponding value figure of US$3.7 billion, representing a relatively flat picture; growth was 2% by value and 1% by volume over 2012. The main trend in rooftops is the increase in penetration of inverter models; particularly in Europe.
The Americas is by far the largest market representing 84% of sales by volume of the entire market for roof tops. Mexico is the second biggest market after the US which grew by around 4% by volume.

•    Chillers
The world chiller market increased by 5% in volume and 3% in value, to some 400,000 units and just under USD 8.5 billion.
The most popular chillers are screw and scroll. Together with reciprocating, they account for 94% of total market by volume – though reciprocating chillers are in decline and becoming a niche market.
Asia Pacific is the largest market for chillers, with nearly 300,000 units, constituting 74% of the global market and nearly 50% in value terms in 2013.  The market in the region grew 5% by value and this positive trend is expected to continue at an annual growth of 4%. 
In Europe, the chiller market remained flat in value terms however contracted by 5% in volume terms in 2013. 
In the Americas, the chiller market increased by 5% in both value and volume in 2013, with  moderate growth expected in 2014.

•    Airside
In 2013, the airside market reached nearly 6.8 million units, up 6% by volume and 5% by value compared to 2012 figures.
The air handling unit (AHU)  market value increased from 759,114 to just over 800,000 units. Europe represents the largest region for AHU sales of close to 32% by volume, with Asia Pacific in second place with 31%. Russia continues to have the largest AHU market in Europe representing 21.5% by volume followed by Germany with 20%, though Germany holds the greater share by value of 27%. 
The fan coils market increased by 6% in volume compared with 2012. Total world sales amounted to nearly 6 million units in 2013. As with chillers, China holds the greatest market share by volume of 48%, and 24% by value.

Source : BSRIA