Le marché du conditionnement d’air en Inde (en anglais)

En Inde, le marché du conditionnement d'air a progressé de 5,3% pour atteindre environ 4 millions d'unités vendues en 2014.
In India, the air conditioning (AC) market grew by 5.3% to about 4 million units sold in 2014. The penetration of ACs in Indian households is just 4%, meaning there is a considerable room for market growth.

This includes window air conditioners (605,000 units), hi-wall splits (2,445,000 units), floor-standing (15,000 units), cassettes (80,000 units), inverter air conditioners (200,000 units), ducted and packaged units (90,000 units or 630,000 tons), and VRF (25,000 units on an outdoor unit basis.

Source: JARN