Le marché du froid commercial aux Etats Unis (en anglais)

Selon une récente étude de Freedonia, la demande en équipements de froid commercial devrait augmenter de 3,1% par an à l'horizon 2018 et atteindre 7,8 milliards d'euros.

According to a new Freedonia market study, demand for commercial refrigeration equipment in the US is expected to increase 3.1% per year through 2018 to USD 10.7 billion.

Environmental regulations regarding refrigerants play a key role in the commercial refrigeration industry. R-22, also known as HCFC-22, is currently set to be phased out by 2020 due to its ozone-depleting potential. Although commercial refrigeration equipment purchased after 2010 utilizes other refrigerants, many pre-2010 systems - especially display cases and liquid chillers - run on R-22. The phase-out is expected to significantly affect new refrigeration equipment sales well before it is completed.

Transportation refrigeration equipment, which includes shipping containers, trailer refrigeration systems, and truck refrigeration systems, is the largest commercial refrigeration equipment segment and will account for the largest share of growth through 2018. Sales gains for shipping containers will be spurred by increased opportunities for US-based food producers in foreign markets. 

Additionally, ongoing warehouse consolidation, which extends the distance from warehouses to many consumers, will boost demand for refrigerated trucks and trailers. Although transportation refrigeration equipment will achieve the fastest growth, most other categories will also post accelerated gains over the forecast period as the economic environment continues to improve.

(million USD)

% Annual Growth
Item 2008 2013 2018 2008-2013 2013-2018
Commercial Refrigeration Equipment 7790 9145 10650 +3.3% +3.1%
Transportation Systems 1450 2040 2515 +7.1% +4.3%
Refrigerators & Freezers 1495 1650 1825 +2.0% +2.0%
Beverage Refrigeration 1000 1100 1250 +1.9% +2.6%
Display Cases 780 875 1000 +2.3% +2.7%
Ice Machines 620 7000 800 +2.5% +2.7%
Vending machines 425 410 440 -0.7% +1.4%
Other 1330 1560 1830 +3.2% +3.2%
Parts 690 810 990 +3.3% +4.1%