Le marché du froid commercial en Inde

Le marché indien du froid commercial est estimé à environ 290 millions d'euros et 11 à 12 million d'unités à l'horizon 2018.
The Indian commercial refrigeration industry is projected to be valued at INR 24,645 million (290.700 million €) and 11 – 12 million units by FY 18 (April 2017 to March 2018), including imported and domestically manufactured products. These are the findings of a report published by Feedback Business Consulting Private Limited.
The commercial refrigeration market in India consists of a range of products including visi coolers, deep freezers, display cabinets, bottle coolers and other equipment, such as multi deckers, vending machines and wine and island coolers.

Ice Cream & Dairy Industry: Ice cream manufacturers have plans to increase their retail presence from the current 0.5 million outlets to 1.0 million outlets over the next 10 years.
India produced more than 127 million tonnes of milk in 2011-12, and is likely to produce around 190 million tonnes in 2015. India’s dairy sector is expected to reach USD 100 billion by 2015.
Growing at about 10% annually, the Indian dairy industry is predominantly controlled by an unorganized sector, which accounts for nearly 85%.

The Indian retail industry is projected to grow at a 13% CAGR  by FY 2017. Organized retail accounts for 8 - 9% of the total retail industry and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 20 - 25% in the next 5 years.
Niche products, such as display cabinets, wine coolers, island coolers, multi-deckers and snack and beverage vending machines are expected to register higher growth, with a stable growth of the current high volume product categories. The expanding commercial refrigeration market is definitely attracting new players through tie-ups and joint ventures, offering the new entrants the opportunity for quick expansion.