Le marché égyptien des conditionneurs d’air en 2015 (en anglais)

En 2015, le marché égyptien était dominé à plus de 95 % par les conditionneurs d'air ambiant de type split.
The air conditioner market bottomed out in Egypt in 2014. It has slightly increased as seen in 2015 with 1.3% year-on-year growth, for a total of 550,000 units. Localized production also increased.
Over 95% of the market was dominated by split type room air conditioners  in 2015. Units with capacity in the range of 3.5 kW account for about half of these split types.
Egypt is regarded as a steppingstone to the African market thanks to its strategic location close to markets in Africa, the Middle East, and southern Europe as well as its convenient logistics routes. Owing to Egypt’s strategic location, a certain percentage of air conditioners are assumed to be re-exported to neighboring countries.

More Chinese manufacturers are cooperating with local partners to assemble air conditioners in the country, so the export volume of finished units from China to Egypt has declined sharply, recording about 42,000 units in 2015.

Source : JARN, May 2016