Le marché européen des pompes à chaleur

Selon l'Association européenne des pompes à chaleur (EHPA), plus de 6,8 millions de pompes à chaleur ont été installées entre 2005 et 2013 dans 21 pays européens.
The preliminary statistics on heat pump use in Europe as presented by European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) show that at least 6.8million heat pumps have been installed between 2005 and 2013, in 21 European markets.

France leads in terms of market share, with more than 153,000 heat pump units sold by 2013 and the highest share of sanitary hot water heat pumps in Europe.

Almost 90% of all heat pumps are installed in ten key countries (France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria), while potential in the rest of the Europe remains largely untapped.