Le marché européen des pompes à chaleur (en anglais)

L'Association européenne des pompes à chaleur (EHPA) a récemment publié son rapport européen sur les marchés et les statistiques des pompes à chaleur pour l'année 2017.

The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) recently published its European Heat Pump Market and Statistics Report 2017, giving interesting figures for the year 2016. For example, heat pump markets in Europe have grown for the third year in a row, with an increase of 13% in 2016 (999,682 heat pumps sold). 88% of the European market volume was sold in only ten countries (including 220,000 in France, 181,000 in Italy and 101,000 in Sweden). Air remains the dominant energy source for heat pumps: their applications continue to become larger thanks to technical innovations. Nearly all types of air source heat pump are now reversible. Air/air heat pumps and variable refrigerant flow heat pumps account for 75% of the total growth of the market.

All heat pumps sold and installed in 2016 provided 10.2 TWh of renewable heat, and the heat pumps that were sold and installed in the last 20 years contributed 106 TWh of green energy in 2016. According to simulations, 2.6 Mt of CO2 emissions were avoided in 2016 thanks to heat pumps.

The full report is available on www.ehpa.org