Le marché européen des pompes à chaleur

Sur le marché européen, les ventes des pompes à chaleur ont légèrement augmenté (+3,49 %) en 2014, soit l'équivalent de 796 746 unités vendues en Europe.
In the European market, heat pump sales grew slightly by 3.49% in 2014, leading to a total of 796 746 units sold across Europe. Assuming a life expectancy of approx. 20 years, the current European heat pump stock amounts to 7 517 019 units (cumulated sales from 1995–2014).
706 603 heat pumps or nearly 90% of the European market volume were sold in only ten countries. The group of top-10 markets by sales volume was led by France, followed by Italy and Sweden, with France and Italy exceeding annual sales of 100000 units (see figure 5-3). These three countries constitute for nearly 50% of the total sales in Europe. They have been leading the European markets in different combinations since 2010.  

Germany, Finland, Norway and Spain exceed 50 000 sold units per year. The remaining places to fill the top 10 list were taken by Denmark, Switzerland and Austria, with Poland and the UK being very strong candidates for an entry into the top 10 in the near future.

European heat pump market

Source: EHPA