Le marché français du condtionnement d’air en 2015 (en anglais)

Selon le JARN, le marché français du conditionnement d'air a progressé de 25% en volume en 2015 par rapport à 2014.
In 2015, sales of air conditioning systems remained affected by a sluggish building sector in 2013 and 2014, but the outlook is looking brighter.

According to Jarn’s latest estimate, the room air conditioner (RAC) market grew 25% year on year in France in 2015 in terms of volume. This growth eased previous inventory pressure, paving the way for expansion of the RAC market in 2016.

Residential AC

A hot summer in 2015 spurred sales of RAC systems. Air-to-air (ATA) heat pumps were the biggest success story of the year. In 90% of cases, ATA heat pumps are used to cool and heat homes, and sales of ATA heat pumps with a capacity of less than 17.5 kW reached 399,657 units, of which 311,346 were single-split and 88,311 were multi-split models. Sales of air-to-water (ATW) heat pumps were also buoyant, with 78,000 units installed, up 7% compared with 2014.

Commercial AC

Construction of new commercial premises including hotels, offices, schools, and healthcare facilities decreased in 2015. In all, 9 million m2 were built in 2015, but signs of recovery are emerging.
Following buoyant sales in 2014, sales of rooftop units in 2015 returned to a more typical level, dropping 15 to 20% compared with 2014. This trend probably reflected fewer replacements of systems operating on R22.
According to a report from Uniclima, sales of split systems with a capacity of at least 17.5 kW increased 18% compared with 2014, reaching a level of 4,792 outdoor units.
Sales of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems rose 10% in 2015 wompared with 2014, reaching a record high of 17,537 outdoor units. Sales of mini-VRF systems with capacities under 5 hp increased 30%, but sales of over 7 kW systems dropped.

Source: JARN, July 2016