Le marché indien 2015 des systèmes de conditionnement d’air monoblocs (en anglais)

Le marché indien des conditionneurs d'air monoblocs devrait atteindre environ 1,5 milliards de dollars américains en 2010, soit une progression annuelle moyenne de 10%.
As of now, the Indian packaged air conditioning market comprises 6 large, 10+ medium and 40+ large players. Restaurant, healthcare, hospitality, data centre and construction are the key sectors boosting demand for packaged air conditioning, which will reach an estimated value of INR 93.3 Billion (approximately USD 1.5 Billion) by 2020 (Compound annual growth rate of 10%).

Packaged air conditioning will witness more demand for small capacity HVAC units, energy efficient products such as VRF systems and inverter based air conditioning solutions. Domestic players are focusing on forward integration to enhance the contracting share, instead of looking into joint ventures with foreign players to bring in more energy efficient technologies to the market. Going forward, energy efficient Hydro Fluorocarbon 32 (HFC32) refrigerants will replace R410A (in terms of performance), besides the increased use of Super Multi Hot Water Air conditioning solutions along with Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technologies, magnetic bearing technology in centrifugal chillers and energy efficient AHUs installed with Variable and Frequency Drive. The sector may also witness digital scroll compressor substituting the inverter technology.

Air Handling Units (AHU) and compression chillers will ensure an upward trend of market growth. However, changing Indian demographics (rapid urbanization and obviously mounting urban population/growth of tier 2 & 3 towns, increase in nuclear families, rise in working women populace, higher disposable income due to well paid salaries and changing lifestyle) lead to a growing consumer base and steer demand for packaged air condition.

Increased investment (includes FDI and private sector investment), technological advancement, growing private sector, more expenditure on healthcare, rise in medical and international tourism, entry of international brands and emergence of food hubs are no less factors in driving packaged air conditioning market expansion.

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