Le marché mondial de l’hélium en 2014

Les Etats-Unis représentent le plus gros marché concernant la demande d'hélium avec 34% du volume total, suivis par l'Asie avec 31% de la demande mondiale.
Currently, the US has the largest market for helium worldwide, consuming approximately 32% of the total volume, or about 57 million m3/year.

Tight helium supply and higher prices have caused erosion in helium volume demand with supply reduced from substitution, recovery, and recycle. Going forward, the consensus is US demand growth will be about 1-2% per year. Asia represents the second largest market for helium with 31% of worldwide demand; about 54 million m3/year.

China is the largest market in Asia, followed by Japan, South Korean and Taiwanese electronic markets. Demand growth going forward is estimated to be high single digits with the exception of Japan, a more mature market that is relatively stagnant. Much of the MRI, electronics and fibre optics business has moved to other Asian countries like China, Taiwan, and Korea. The current primary supplier of helium for Asia is the US because of the favourable distribution economics from western US sourcing and fast container shipping from Long Beach, California. However, with the new Qatar supply fully ramped up, supply from Qatar is increasing whereas supply from the US is declining.

Europe makes up approximately 21%, or 37 million m3 of worldwide demand. Helium applications are less saturated in Europe than in the US. Demand growth is expected to be  from nil to 0.5% per year for the next few years. Currently, Algeria and the US are the primary suppliers.

Other Americas (Canada and Latin America) and Africa/the Middle East/India together represent 16% of the global market. These regions have traditionally contributed to strong demand growth, and are expected to grow about 3-5% per year going forward, driven by industrialisation in their emerging economies.

Source: Cryogas International