Le marché mondial des compresseurs

Selon JARN, les ventes de compresseurs frigorifiques au niveau mondial ont sensiblement progressé en 2014 par rapport à 2013.
According to JARN, global demand for refrigerating compressors increased substantially in 2014 compared to 2013.
The strongest growth was for centrifugal compressors (+12.2%, 14,920 units sold); China (+16%) and the United States (+5%) represent slightly less than half of the world demand.

. Rotary compressor demand (+10.7%, 148.2m units sold) was also very strong, especially in China (+ 10%, 110m units) and Southeast Asia (12.2m units).

. Scroll compressor demand grew by 5.9% in 2014; the US (+12%, 6.17m units sold), China (+4.5%, 4.02m units), Europe (1.24m units) and Japan (1.14m units) are the 3 major markets.

. Screw compressor demand increased by 5.8%; China (67,000 units sold), Europe (35,000 units) and the US are the three big markets.

. Finally, reciprocating compressors showed a slight increase (+1.8%); hermetic compressors – used in household refrigerators and light commercial refrigeration – dominate this market.

For centrifugal, rotary and scroll compressors sales were boosted by technical developments such as inverter technology, increasingly large capacities and oil-free bearing technology (centrifugal compressors).

 JARN, 25 February 2015